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Samsara Seeds is a leader when it comes to premium autoflowering cannabis genetics. They are a boutique cannabis seed collective that have spent years mastering the art of stable auto varieties.

Samsara Seeds is more than a seed bank, they are a lifestyle choice.

Choosing to harness only the best phenotypes that produce impressive effects that restore mind/body balance.

Combining some of the most renowned cannabis genetics, Samsara Seeds has created varieties with extremely refined characteristics.


Perhaps it is by design that it’s tough to pinpoint an exact date that Spanish breeders Samsara Seeds surfaced in the cannabis community, given that the meaning behind their Buddhism-inspired name is the endless cycle of birth, life and death. 

Whenever the talented team of breeders behind Samsara Seeds first got together, it’s clear that they perceive how their skills and experience extend far back down the line of generations of imparted weed breeding knowledge.

United by a passion for conserving major genetic lines and using them in their innovative experiments to create unique new hybrid strains, this humble seed bank set out on their noble and global quest.


Brand Evolution

Not your Average Seed Bank

The Samsara Seeds team had the goal from the get-go of differentiating themselves from the average seed bank peddling to the marijuana market.

Their choice of a name for their dedicated operation speaks worlds to their understanding of a holistic approach to how they conduct business and create their strains.

To Samsara, every decision they make has always been based on following the concepts of harmonious balance, from the sourcing of their seeds to how they view and treat their customers, the effect of which is notable in the cannabis seeds which come from these breeders.


Quality Genetics

Samsara Seeds has a mighty impressive genetic library made up of the very finest genes from every corner of the map.

They’ve made it their mission to track down and collect an exceptionally strong foundation of legendary landrace varieties to act as building blocks for their experiments and new specimens.

Since their early days, this team of breeders realised that in order to shatter the norm and raise the bar on quality, originality, potency and medicinal value, only the very best ingredients could make the cut.

And thanks to this, alongside their unrivalled commitment to their customers and the global community of ganja lovers, Samsara have succeeded in establishing themselves as the purveyor of a selection of truly splendid specimens beloved by connoisseurs and the medical marijuana users of the world. 

Samsara Seeds - Spicy White Devil

Creating a Sublime Line

As is expected when such dutiful attention is paid to the collection of a fine genetic library, only the pinnacle of perfection ever makes it into a hybrid blend coming from Samsara Seeds. 

Every parent plant is painstakingly selected as prime examples of their phenotypes and for their distinctive and tantalizing taste profiles. The Samsara team are constantly questioning and testing the suitability of their genetics for medicinal purposes as well as recreational delight. 

And it all shows in the quality of the output their incredible hybrids pump out every single harvest. But it’s more than merely selecting the best specimens for their breeding projects that makes this seed bank so successful and world-renowned.


Marijuana Nirvana

Nirvana is ultimately a state of connectedness, and Samsara Seeds prizes their connection to their customers as one of their shining values.

Without this bond with their audience, Samsara might not have ever reached the standards of their present-day outputs, which consistently deliver quality smoking experiences and strong medicinal capabilities.

This team of breeders values every connection made, and remain vigilant in listening to what the entire cannabis community’s weed needs are, so that they might learn how best to serve those needs. 

Samsara Seeds - Crazy Miss Hyde

Endless hours of tinkering have gone into honing every strain in their collection to ensure the end results are nothing short of truly spectacular, meeting medicinal and sensory criteria every time.

Whether they’re aimed at Sativa lovers, Indica devotees, the medicinal market or a private grower, these cannabis seeds are designed to delight and offer an authentically unique experience. 


Knowledge Shared

The guys at Samsara Seeds take their commitment to the cannabis community even further than customers’ valued input on a daily basis.

To these breeders, they feel a duty of responsibility to share their understanding of the marijuana plant with the world, dispelling myths and offering best practices based on their years of experience.

By sharing their stories of not only growing ganja but the overall lifestyle of the weed lover, they hope to reach the widest audience possible and make a difference in a way that stands the test of time.

Essential Strains 

As the Samsara Seeds selection is so exclusively and lovingly created, there aren’t daunting masses of choice ahead of cultivators considering some of these standout cannabis seeds for their next crop. 

In total, this seed bank offers 10 feminized strains and 7 autoflowering varieties, and their website is packed full of useful information regarding each strain to give you the best possible start with their seeds.

We’ll explore a few of their finest here. 


Crazy Miss Hyde 

An Indica-dominant beauty of a hybrid who distinguishes herself with an intoxicating fragrance, punctuated with penetrating and sweet nuances.

Crazy Miss Hyde comes to us from the generous genetics of Northern Lights and Belladona, and is a fan-favorite among those who can’t get enough of citrusy flavors in their buds and long for a strain able to pack a punch. THC levels regularly test at 21% for these nugs, and growers are guaranteed some plentiful yields for their efforts.

Crazy Miss Hyde is also extremely hardy, so novice cultivators can quite easily reap exceptional rewards.


El Alquimista

One of Samsara Seeds’ most famous breeds, El Alquimista is the result of the skilful breeding of industry legends AK-47 and Northern Lights.

Her parents were game-changers in their own right, and El Alquimista stands to be no different. With a stupendous resilience to pests and mold, along with super swift flowering, the potential for enormous yields come harvest time and one hell of a mouthwatering fruity fragrance and taste, it’s easy to see why so many flock to this award-winning hybrid strain. 


Spicy White Devil

With a cheeky name like that, how could you not try this exhilarating cross between Jack Herer and Blueberry genetics? 

Her genetic lineage is a storied history of success dating back decades, so it’s no wonder that Spicy White Devil is a vigorous, compact and resilient plant capable of some whopping yields. She’s not the easiest strain to grow on the Samsara Seeds menu, but her effect is one no-one should miss – a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica traits which deliver a delightfully long-lasting, high-quality euphoria.

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