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Think Different – Autoflower – 3 Pack


The latest craze in the world of autoflowering feminized cannabis strains. Produces significantly higher crops than other AutoFem varieties, while retaining the characteristic effect of its Sativa heritage. Set to become the industry standard to which other autoflowering fem strains should be compared.

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Why should I buy Think Different feminised seeds?

• An autoflower which, since its introduction almost 10 years ago, is still the favourite among many home growers worldwide

• She has an excellent reputation for producing very high yields

• Suitable for cultivation in all systems, grow mediums and climates

• Easy to grow for beginners and in the hands of an expert she can deliver excellent results in just 10 – 11 weeks

Think Different has a soft fragrance and fruity taste

Think Different is an autoflower seed variety based on AK420 genetics with a nice fresh and fruity taste profile. The buds may not have the same penetrating odour as a pure Kush or pure Haze, but they smell very subtle and balanced. A nice fruity aroma with notes of citrus fruit, mint, pine and sweetness. Wonderful to smoke! These cannabis seeds produce autoflower plants with a high THC content and a strong high, even for the most experienced smokers.

Think Different produces huge buds

Think Different is known for its great yields. For both beginners and experts, she is the right auto strain for growers looking for a high yield. These autoflower seeds produce strong and large plants that will be filled from head to toe with large flowers. Her buds are of a hybrid structure that can be both very long and thick. They may not the most compact buds but certainly this is one of the largest and most abundant producers!

Are there better yielding autoflowers than Think Different?

This is a question that is quite easy to answer. No, few autoflowers can come close to our Think Different in terms of yield. This strain has enormous potential that is hard to match. One of the few autoflower varieties that we know of which may be able to produce higher yields is Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate. Perhaps Auto Ultimate can get a bit bigger than Think Different in the hands of a master grower. All in all, with our Think Different you are assured of heavy yields of very strong weed.

With its high yield and strong weed, Think Different brought about a true autoflower revolution!

Think Different is the big surprise from the Dutch Passion autoflower collection. This strain quickly built up a good reputation among growers thanks to its amazing yield and strong weed. The genetic line comes from a special AK47 hybrid strain known as AK420. Within a year of its launch this sublime variety won a place on our list of best sellers . Some loyal fans and serious autoflower growers refuse to grow anything else!

These classic cannabis seeds are the result of a special breeding program to convince traditional growers of the power of autoflowers once and for all. In the early years of autoflower seeds, there was some debate surrounding autoflower genetics in general. They often remained small and were less potent than photoperiod plants. The first autoflowering crosses were, according to many, nothing more than a poor reflection of their photoperiod parents. At least, that was the impression held by some growers at the time.

Dutch Passion Think Different came at just the right time. This new autoflower strain changed traditional growers minds and ultimately led to a real autoflower revolution. We are of course very proud of that! Think Different is a plant that will grow to an average height of around 1 metre. In the right hands, the plant can grow even bigger, which makes this autoflower strain ideal for cultivation methods such as a SCROG.

In general, we do not recommend this cultivation method for autoflowers, but Think Different has greater potential and vigor than most and can therefore even exceed 500g/m². Especially in a SCROG setup with powerful lamps. Think Different is the perfect autoflower for first-time growers.

This Dutch Passion auto does well in all systems and grow mediums. Whether you use soil or coco, whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, Think Different will do well. The largest harvests are possible on hydro systems, especially when combined with the latest and most efficient LED lamps. This THC rich cannabis seed variety has exuberant growth and flowering. She grows nice and wide with abundant side branching, allowing her to be cut and bent to manipulate her growth pattern.

The genetics used to cultivate Think Different guarantee the following traits:

– Strong and large sativa-dominant autoflower plants that can grow to epic proportions with the right conditions and care.

– She is a true all-rounder and does well in all systems, mediums and grow-styles. An autoflower that will thrive indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses.

– A large amount of potent buds per plant with a subtle and tasty up-high.

Think Different is the perfect autoflower for a beginner who has never grown a cannabis plant before. With this lady a good harvest, even for a beginner, will not prove to be a difficult task!

Effects of Think Different

Think Different has a powerful effect with a pleasant up-high. The dried buds usually give a more energetic and social high which makes it a good strain to smoke during the day. But beware, if you smoke a little more, the high will turn into a more “stoned” effect. This means that the energetic high is transformed into a more physical high that will make you prefer to stay on the couch or even lie in bed. The high THC content provides a strong and pleasurable effect which can last a long time.

The flowering period of Think Different and how best to grow it

Think Different is a real ‘light feeder’, she can best be grown with the most efficient (LED) grow lights in order to reach her full potential. It takes about 11 weeks from seed to harvest. As with all autoflowers, we recommend a 20/4 lighting schedule throughout the growing cycle. There are growers who achieve great results with a 24/0 light schedule. But we believe that the 4 hour rest period is good for the plant and have not discovered any major differences between the 20/4 and 24/0 light cycles.

Indoors she does well in both soil and hydro systems. For the very best results (and the highest yield) we recommend a combination of hydro and LED grow lights. But she will also do great in pots of soil or coco fibre. Our tip is to try growing this strain in an airpot with a combination of coco fibre, soil and organic food. Provide a somewhat larger pot if possible, at least 20-25 litres. Growing in a smart-pot or root-pouch is also a good option if there are no airpots available in your area.

Due to ‘air-pruning’ of the roots in the preferred air-pot/root-pouch containers, Think Different will grow even faster and results comparable to hydro are possible. This is one of the few autoflowers that responds well to various cultivation techniques, such as ‘topping/fimming’ as well as ‘cropping’ and ‘supercropping’.

SCROG growers will enjoy Think Different! She can stretch properly in the right circumstances. Her long flexible branches make her a suitable candidate for a beautiful full screen of green. She is a suitable plant to fill your space as a ‘single’ plant or with a maximum of a few plants per m².

The yield of the Think Different autoflower

Novice growers can quite easily achieve a yield of about 100g of dry buds per plant. For experienced growers, harvesting several hundred grams per plant is not difficult. With the right cultivation techniques and methods, Think Different can grow into an autoflower of epic proportions. Indoors, she can easily deliver 500+g/m², especially when conditions are optimised.

Advice from our experts:

If Think Different is grown in a hydro system or in a large pot of coco fibre, she can grow very large. In a smaller pot she will have a more compact structure and no cultivation techniques need to be used to keep her height under control. In these conditions we even advise against topping and fimming.

The largest Think Different plants can provide a huge autoflower harvest. Keep in mind that the largest plants sometimes need 1-2 weeks longer to fully ripen. Harvesting too early can result in a lower yield.

Information about Think Different autoflower seeds

These high THC autoflowering seeds are a good alternative to traditional photoperiod varieties. Both yield and quality will be of the same high standard that you are used to from good photoperiod cannabis plants. With an average THC content of 15-20%, this is definitely an autoflower that you can safely call strong!

Think Different reviews

Think Different is a classic cannabis strain that has been cultivated extensively for many years. There are more than enough Think Different breeding reports on the internet. On the large grow forums you will find all the different Think Different grow reviews and grow journals that provide a good picture of the possibilities of this cannabis strain. Below you will find some Think Different grow reviews from our customers:

Think Different seeds grown under 2 x 1000W HPS lights with SCROG for a 2.2Kg harvest

Think Different seeds home grown in Plagron Light soil in airpots with LED grow light

Think Different grown under a 400W HPS in 6.5 litre container of coco fibre with 271g yield

Epic Think Different grown with DWC under HPS, LED & Plasma lighting with CO2 supplementation

Think Different plants grown organically in a greenhouse by a cannabis social club

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