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OGKZ – Autoflower – 3 Pack


Whether you prefer the solid qualities of classic OG Kush or the flashier nature of Zkittlez, you’re going to absolutely love this ‘old school meets next gen’ hybrid. This sweet and sour smoke is an absolute pleasure to inhale, and the high will obliterate your mind and body with heavy-handed and long-lasting relaxation.

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OGKZ Auto Strain Info
With just 10% Sativa genes to spice up her 70% Indica nature, OGKZ Auto is a predictably relaxing strain that’s perfect to use at the end of the day when you can dive into limitless euphoria and worry about nothing. Due to the 20% Ruderalis genes in its DNA, this carefully crafted auto flower starts and finishes flowering in any season and under any light schedule.

OGKZ Auto is the auto flowering version of the renowned OGKZ strain and builds on everything that made the original so good. This auto flower was made as a cross between Zkittlez (an upstart fruity Indica-dominant hybrid) and the old-school OG Kush Breath, which is believed to be a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies.

Flowering Time
OGKZ Auto offers the kind of smoke worth waiting for, so the flowering time of around 78-83 days indoors is a good deal in our books. Outdoor crops will take about a week longer – 78-90+ days.

Indoors, OGKZ Auto produces at least 25 g per plant but can pump out as much as 90 g (0.9-3.2 oz). Outdoors, this autoflower is even more productive at 45-120 g (1.6-4.2 oz) per plant.

The sedating and anxiety-free effects of OGKZ Auto will appeal to those users who like to reward themselves at the end of a busy day with a strong and long-lasting body buzz. Just light one up, sit back, and chill – you earned it!


Medical Properties
Thanks to its mood-lifting powers, OGKZ Auto is often used to help manage mood disorders, be it stress, anxiety, or even depression. However, you may also benefit from this weed’s ability to relieve bodily tension and pains, including chronic ones.

THC and CBD Levels
The THC content in OGKZ Auto is medium to high at around 16-18%, but it can get higher than that in some samples. The buds produce only trace amounts of CBD – no more than 0.1%.

Smell and Taste
Inhaling this smoke will remind you of eating sweet and sour candies, but you’ll be also thrilled to detect subtler notes of pine, gas, spices, and even peppermint.


Grow Tips
Not especially tall yet bushy, OGKZ Auto has a shape that makes her perfectly easy to maintain. She has an open structure, allowing the light to penetrate deep into the canopy and contributing to the density of the lower buds. Airflow isn’t an issue either, but the branches aren’t sturdy enough to support the great size of buds, so use some kind of trellising. Even outdoors, the plants rarely grow higher than 75-125 cm (2′5″-4′).

Use SOG setups to get the most out of your grow.
Using a carbon filter is a must even for one-plant grows.
To achieve the best flavor, use organics or do a long flush before harvest.
OGKZ Auto Feminized Seeds for Sale
Buy OGKZ Auto feminized seeds online at Herbies to grow one of the most popular strains from HSO’s catalog! Your seeds will be female plants almost 100% of the time and will flower automatically, allowing for a quick and easy harvest.

Humboldt Seeds
Type of seeds
Type of seeds
Auto flowering
Suitable for growing
Outdoor, Indoor
Effect *
Nighttime Bliss
Zkittlez Auto x OGKB (GSC x OG Kush)
75 – 125 cm outdoors
25 – 90 g/plant indoors
45 – 120 g/plant outdoors
From seed to harvest
78 – 90 days
% Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis
10% Sativa / 70% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
The main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The higher THC level, the more potent the strain.

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16 – 18 %
0.1 %

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