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Mango OG – Autoflower – 3 Pack


With yields of about 1.5 oz/ft², Mango OG Auto is the ultimate autoflowering cash crop, but this strain’s appeal goes far beyond great productivity. You’ll also love the smoke with its super intense tropical flavor of mango and spices, as well as the potent effects that draw upon 18-21% THC to create a long-lasting yet mellow body high.

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Mango OG Auto Strain Info
Mango OG Auto features a more or less balanced Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis composition (45/25/30%). This is expressed in the smoke, which starts in the head but quickly descends into the body, where it stays as a mellow buzz for hours on end. This plant also demonstrates hybrid growth patterns that result in big bushes with generous yields.

Mango OG Auto was created as a cross between Green Crack Auto and OG Kush Auto. Green Crack Auto carries the legacy of Skunk #1 and has an Afghani genetic backbone, while OG Kush Auto’s family tree includes Chemdawg, Thai, and Pakistani genetics.

Flowering Time
Thanks to the presence of auto flowering genes, Mango OG Auto finishes her indoor life cycle in about 78 days, while outdoor cultivation may take anywhere from 78 to 90+ days.

Mango OG Auto is amazingly productive for an auto flower – expect to get 450-500 g/m² (1.5-1.6 oz/ft²) of dry bud indoors. In per-plant terms, this is 25-80 g (0.9-2.8 oz) and up. Outdoors, the plants grow taller and let you harvest at least 25-200 g (0.9-7 oz) each.

The hybrid effects of Mango OG Auto start out as a head high that doesn’t linger long before it settles in the body for many hours of mellow relaxation, making the strain totally compatible with daytime use and an active lifestyle.


Medical Properties
People consume these buds when they’re stressed out, anxious, or even clinically depressed. One can also use this mellow medicine for many physical conditions, especially if you want to stay medicated without affecting your functionality.

THC and CBD Levels
This auto flower is a very potent one, with THC content reaching 18-21% and CBD only present in trace amounts, never going beyond 0.1%.

Smell and Taste
The sweet, piney, and fruity aroma of these buds is highly reminiscent of mango and is complemented by sharp peppery notes and more subtle floral overtones.


Grow Tips
Mango OG Auto was bred not only for her intense flavor profile but also for her commercial-scale yields. Outdoor-grown plants grow quite tall as far as autoflowers go – between 1-2 m (3′3″-6′6″), with a much more manageable size indoors, where you can control the height with all kinds of training methods.

For best results, try planting many seeds in smaller pots (the SOG method).
Alternatively, give the roots plenty of space and use ScrOG for training.
Organics will help accentuate the powerful and clean flavor.
Mango OG Auto Feminized Seeds for Sale
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Humboldt Seeds
Type of seeds
Type of seeds
Auto flowering
Suitable for growing
Outdoor, Indoor
Effect *
Long-Lasting Mellowness
Green Crack Auto x OG Kush Auto
100 – 200 cm outdoors
450 – 500 g/m² indoors
25 – 200 g/plant outdoors
From seed to harvest
78 – 90 days
% Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis
25% Sativa / 45% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
18 – 21 %
This compound doesn’t get you high but is known to be highly medicinal and calming.

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