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Bubba Kush – Feminised


Introducing Bubba Kush, feminized seeds that represent a timeless classic hailing from the United States. This Indica-dominant hybrid stands out for its ease of cultivation, robust resistance, and swift growth. It boasts densely packed buds, generously coated with glistening trichomes. Bubba Kush offers a unique and complex flavour profile, blending earthy tones with hints of citrus, spices, coffee, and a subtle Diesel undertone. Ideal for those seeking tranquility, its effects are deeply soothing and exceptionally relaxing. Perfect for your cultivation needs, Bubba Kush ensures a delightful and aromatic experience.

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Discover the iconic Bubba Kush, a distinguished marijuana strain originating from the United States and celebrated as one of the country’s most renowned varieties.

This feminized strain boasts a pronounced Indica dominance, earning widespread acclaim and frequent use by prominent seed banks such as Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, and Seedsman.

At the heart of Bubba Kush lies a remarkable lineage, a cross between Northern Lights and Triangle Kush (a unique OG Kush variant). This genetic combination yields a plant exceptionally rich in resin.

In selecting parent plants, we focused on those exhibiting pronounced Indica characteristics, though Bubba Kush retains subtle Sativa traits in its morphology.

Our Bubba Kush feminized seeds offer cultivators a straightforward, rapid growth process, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Outdoor growers can expect plants of a small to medium stature, featuring short internodes, lush, deep green foliage, and a classic Christmas tree structure. With a medium flowering period typical of Indica-dominant hybrids, harvest usually occurs by mid-October.

For indoor cultivation, Bubba Kush is an excellent choice for Sea of Green (SOG) setups. Starting from small cuttings, the plants develop into thick, cola-heavy structures with minimal branching, simplifying the manicuring process.

Transitioning from vegetative growth to flowering, expect a harvest within approximately 60-65 days. During this phase, the aroma is notably intense, making a robust odor-control system advisable.


Characteristics of Bubba Kush:

  • Medium-sized, abundant, compact, and resin-rich buds
  • Ideal for producing high-quality hashish
  • Intense aroma and flavor profile: earthy, spicy, coffee, fuel, and citrus notes
  • Potent, soothing, relaxing, sedative, and long-lasting effects, perfect for relaxation

Outdoor plants can reach heights of 2 meters under optimal conditions, yielding around 600-800 grams per plant. Indoors, a well-managed grow can easily produce up to 500 grams per square meter.

Highlights of Bubba Kush:

  • Easy cultivation and resilience
  • Enjoyable effects
  • Rich flavor profile
  • Competitive pricing


  • Intense odor during flowering phase

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Outdoor Flowering Start: Typically begins between March and April.
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Generally harvested by mid-October.
  • Cultivation Tips: Our affordable Bubba Kush bulk seeds yield robust, vigorous plants that thrive in temperate, sunny climates. Easy to grow and maintain, this strain is an ideal choice for both novice and experienced cultivators alike.
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