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Amnesia Auto is an easy auto to grow, she grows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result with a super strong Haze smoke. Indoors this auto does well with 20 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Under optimum indoor hydroponic conditions Amnesia Autoflower will produce several hundred grams per plant. This variety is easy to grow in any grow medium and even first time growers will get great results. Experienced auto growers should note that this is one of our strongest auto varieties with THC levels of 23% and some of the heaviest yields that we have seen on an auto.

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Type: Autoflowering

Genetics: Ruderalis x Amnesia Haze

Phenotype: Mainly Sativa

Indoor production: 400 g/m2

Outdoor production: Very high

Crop cycle since germination: 11 weeks

THC: 23%

Flavor and aroma: Earthy, citrus, cedar

Amnesia Auto: A High Like A Psychedelic Euphoria

World-renowned for truly living up to her name, this potent plant with a THC rating in the low 20s will produce intense, mind-warping effects. However, novice consumers need not be intimidated by her psychedelic powers. The general mood that this autoflowering cannabis variety provides is always uplifting, cerebral and creative, making her a popular choice for artists, as well as those looking to combat the effects of stress.

Amnesia Autoflower effects: Aromas And Flavors Straight From Mother Earth

This autoflowering marijuana strain produces aromas and flavors that are downright delicious and even add a sense of mystery. Amnesia Auto has a lovely, earthy flavor with notes of citrus and cedar. Those flavors are heightened by her distinct aroma, which is incredibly pleasant and often mistaken for incense. This is one strain where you won’t have to try to mask the odors for your neighbors’ sakes!

Amnesia Auto: Great For Hydroponic Grows

Amnesia Auto is a bestselling strain that produces some generous yields compared to other autoflowers. It’s been found to perform best under a hydroponic setup, but is nonetheless a hardy plant that can thrive in any medium and will be a delight to grow for even beginner cultivators.

Harvests deliver around 500g/m2 in just under 11 weeks.

The plant is short in stature, reaching a final height of 1.2m .

It needs a max EC of water of 1.2 in the vegetative stage and up to 1.6 during flowering.

The recommended lighting is 450W CFL for veg and 600W HPS for flowering.

Genetics For A Cerebral High

Amnesia Auto is derived from Amnesia Haze, which of course gives this autoflowering cannabis variety many of its characteristics, including its highly cerebral high and sweet flavors. Amnesia Haze itself is derived from Thai, Hawaiian and Afghani strains, and the Afghani genetics in particular is from where both Amnesia Haze and Amnesia Auto get their uplifting and psychedelic sides.

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