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True to their name, Delicious Seeds is a veteran cannabis seed producer that’s known for creating some of the most flavourful and fragrant strains the commercial market has ever seen. Not to mention, a dynamic collection of recreational and therapeutic strains to suit all requirements that practically grow themselves.

Delicious Seeds want to open your mind to the beauty of the world and the imagination through their commitment to amazing weed.

Bursting onto the scene in 2010 with multiple Cannabis Cup wins, this Spanish seed bank now boast many award-winning strains including the well loved Sugar Black Rose. With a large range of feminized marijuana seeds available, you’re sure to find something you like from their selection of exciting hybrids, or if space is an issue they also have a some excellent autoflowering cannabis varieties which offer surprisingly high yields. Whatever your taste, get your Delicious Seeds online here at Groen Seeds.

The Ultimate Experience

Delicious is an experience. Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddiness of the feelings. We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences… the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it.” – (Delicious Seeds)

The mantra of Delicious Seeds paints a picture of everything a quality cannabis seed bank should be. The name alone is enough to make your mouth water, but it’s not until you examine these guys’ accomplishments over the years that you get a taste for what Delicious Seeds is all about.

Across the board, each and every specimen produced by Delicious Seeds is a product of extensive research, development and refinement. Fragrance and flavor are always the priority, though never at the expense of potency or plant durability. The result of which is a dynamic collection of strains that not only deliver the total sensory experience, but are also surprisingly easy to grow without any real knowledge or experience.


Essential Strains

“The quality of our image is a reflection of our commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is our seedbank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.” – (Delicious Seeds)

The best way to get to grips with what Delicious Seeds is all about is to try one or two (or ten) of their most popular and celebrated strains. Narrowing things down to even a few front-runners is difficult, given the number of Cannabis Cup winners in their current collection.

Nevertheless, the following consistently score top marks as the best-selling strains available right now from the folks at Delicious Seeds:

Sugar Black Rose Auto

Arguably the most impressive and successful strain to have come from Delicious Seeds to date, Sugar Black Rose Auto was produced by combining the genetics of Critical Mass Auto with 1998 Black Domina Auto. Short and compact when grown under careful conditions indoors, Sugar Black Rose Auto produces on a level that belies her tiny size.

The fragrance and flavor profile is dominated by sweet citrus fruits and juicy grapes, with plenty of classic Skunk in the background. There’s also a ton of exotic spice on the exhale, which lingers on the palate indefinitely. Expect an immediate and often overpowering physical stone, bringing on a sense of deep relaxation and contentment for the duration. 

All of which is accompanied by a gentle cerebral uplift and sense of pure tranquility, making Sugar Black Rose Auto a superstar strain in recreational and therapeutic cannabis circles alike.


Black Russian

Also equally popular among recreational and medical marijuana users, Black Russian was created by combining the genetics of White Russian with a spectacular Black Domina mother. The result of which is compact yet exquisitely structured plants that yield like it’s a competition, routinely producing as much as 450g of exceptionally potent pot for every square meter of floor space.

Black Russian bursts with tropical fruit aromas and a sweet candy-like flavor that’s guaranteed to have you coming back for more. With her 80% Indica genetics and 20% THC content, Black Russian gets to work quickly with a powerful physical stone and an enjoyable cerebral buzz.

She also flowers in as little as 50 days, so you won’t be waiting long to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Delicious Seeds - Caramelo


A strain that needs no introduction if you know anything about iconic cannabis, Caramelo has one of the most quintessentially characteristic flavor and fragrance profiles of any strain on the market. 70% Sativa genetics and a THC content in the region of 20% add up to an exceptionally energizing and motivating strain, which is just the thing for a welcome burst of energy at any time of day.

Flowering times come in a little longer at around 65 days, though reward patience with up to 500g of extraordinary cannabis for every square meter of grow space. With a fragrance rich in lavender and fruity notes as the plants reach maturity, Caramelo guarantees a mouthwatering experience that’s impossible to resist.


Cotton Candy

Painstakingly crafted to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth, Cotton Candy takes all-round sensory ecstasy to an entirely new level. Along with the candy-sweet flavor you’d expect with a name like this, Cotton Candy also produces a soft, smooth and incredibly gentle smoke that really is as kind as cotton.

Easy to grow and capable of producing THC in practically ludicrous quantities, Cotton Candy plants create the kind of fragrant funk that can be very difficult to keep under wraps. If discretion is a priority, you’ll want to invest in decent odor control measures or select a suitable outdoor cultivation spot.

All of which will be well worth while, when the time comes to harvest this resin-rich masterpiece of mouthwatering cannabis cross-breeding.


Deep Mandarin

Created primarily with the therapeutic tokers’ market in mind, Deep Mandarin boasts the most extraordinary balance of THC to CBD – 4% and 15% respectively. The result of which is a beautifully aromatic and flavorful strain, which delivers an exceptionally gentle and controllable buzz that never creeps over the line.

Relaxing, uplifting and a product of pure contentment, Deep Mandarin has wide-reaching recreational and therapeutic applications written all over her.  Particularly suitable for users with a low tolerance to THC, Deep Mandarin provides all the enjoyment of quality cannabis with minimal psychoactive effects.

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