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    Medical Cannabis Seeds South Africa

    We have various medical cannabis seeds available in South Africa.Cannabis produces a variety compounds known as plant cannabinoids, many of which have not been detected in any other plant. There are over 480 natural components found in cannabis sativa, of which 66 have been classified as cannabinoids which are chemicals unique to the cannabis plant. …

  • GroenSeeds Seeds

    Germination Guide for Cannabis Seeds

    Germination is the first part of your grow cycle and a very important step into you success at growing beautiful plants and buds!It’s as simple as seed + heat + moisture + oxygen = seed germination, but there are however various methods and tricks.  THE ANATOMY OF YOUR CANNABIS SEED The process of cannabis seed …

  • Auto vs Fem Vs Reg

    Regular vs Feminised vs Autoflower seed

    Regular vs Feminised vs Autoflower seed * This article is for informational and research purposes only * Regular seeds are bred from one male and one female parent and can grow to be either gender, where as feminised seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring no confusion of gender, and female only plants. Autoflowering …

  • Seedling true leaves

    Germinating cannabis seed

    Germinating seed * This article is for informational and research purposes only * There are many methods germinating cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds need basically three factors to germinate properly: water, oxygen and the right temperature. Seed is dormant (state of suspended animation) until the conditions are right for growth and survival. Getting the right mixture …

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