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  • Cannabis seeds 101: How to grow Cannabis from seed

    Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning they can be male or female. Only female plants produce the buds commonly consumed.

  • Cultivate Your Dream: Top 5 Indoor Weed Strains

    With thousands of strains to choose from, here are five of our favourite indoor-friendly strains, ready to take your green thumb to the next level!

  • Grower-guide

    How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

    Indoor cultivation grants growers unprecedented control over their environment, enabling the cultivation of top-tier cannabis with meticulous oversight.
    Learn how to grow indoors.

  • The Anatomy and Life Cycle of a Cannabis Plant

    The anatomy and life cycle of a cannabis plant are fascinating and complex, comprising various stages and structures crucial for its growth and development.

  • 4 Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

    Cultivating cannabis involves navigating a succession of growth stages, each demanding tailored attention to light, nutrients, and hydration. Understanding these phases and their durations is pivotal in discerning the plant’s requirements and timing interventions such as pruning, training, and trellising, as well as determining the optimal harvest window. The timeline for nurturing a marijuana plant …

  • 420 cannabis south africa

    What is 420?

    Across the world, April 20th is a cannabis holiday. Many cannabis enthusiasts, casual users, and bystanders have their own theories on the origin of the annual cannabis celebration, and most Americans have heard some iteration of 420 lore. Was it from a police penal code? A subversive song title from the late 1960’s? A historic …

  • Humboldt x Seedstockers Seeds

    Humboldt X Seedstockers Genetics

    The team of Seedstockers breeders responsible for the unique Seedstockers strains Blackberry Gum, Santa Marta Haze, Candy Dawg and Fruit Cake, encountered a very good crew of growers from Humboldt, California in 2017, and they shared weed, genetics, experiences and knowledge. From this, the Humboldt X Seedstockers project emerged. The Seedstockers breeding team have worked through lockdowns …

  • medical cannabis seeds south africa

    Medical Cannabis Seeds South Africa

    We have various medical cannabis seeds available in South Africa.Cannabis produces a variety compounds known as plant cannabinoids, many of which have not been detected in any other plant. There are over 480 natural components found in cannabis sativa, of which 66 have been classified as cannabinoids which are chemicals unique to the cannabis plant. …

  • GroenSeeds Seeds

    Germination Guide for Cannabis Seeds

    Germination is the first part of your grow cycle and a very important step into you success at growing beautiful plants and buds!It’s as simple as seed + heat + moisture + oxygen = seed germination, but there are however various methods and tricks.  THE ANATOMY OF YOUR CANNABIS SEED The process of cannabis seed …

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