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World of Seeds is more than a seed business. The company was founded on the principle of raising awareness for the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant. They set out with the desire to emphasise the proven antioxidant, anti-nausea, painkilling, and antispasmodic potential of the species.

World of Seeds has stayed true to course, and is still educating a broad audience of medicinal users seeking solutions to their health problems, as well as users who enjoy the herb recreationally.

The company offers a diverse catalogue of cannabis genetics. They took it upon themselves to travel the world to locate some of the best landrace varieties on Earth. Follow along as we delve into this fascinating company, take a look at their history, and explore their superb array of genetics.


World of Seeds sprouted from humble beginnings. The company entered its germination phase back in January 2000. A lone cannabis enthusiast with a passion for the herb founded World of Seeds Group. Back then, the company consisted of a small shop in Valencia, Spain. The outlet sold growing supplies to local cultivators.

What started as a single location quickly expanded. The dream was manifesting. Before the end of the first year, the company opened a second outlet in the province of Valencia. World of Seeds was a hit among local growers. With their inventory flying off the shelves and their popularity skyrocketing, they opened two more branches in Valencia during their second business year. Over subsequent years, World of Seeds has continued to grow.



World of Seeds didn’t stop there; they were dreaming big. They wanted to create their own library of cannabis genetics derived from rare landrace varieties. They travelled to five continents in search of the best indigenous genetics they could find.

After returning from their travels, the team got to work crossbreeding and creating new cultivars. They also embarked on the process of developing their own feminized seeds. The lack of shared information at the time made it difficult, but they persevered. The company produced its own pollination techniques and started churning out 99.9% female varieties.

As of 2014, World of Seeds has continued to expand around the world. They now own offices in Uruguay, Chile, the United States, and are currently setting up in Colombia. The company is reaching out and educating customers through international events such as Cannafest in the Czech Republic, Indica Sativa Trade in Italy, Kush Stock in California, Product Earth in the UK, and the Emerald Cup in Humboldt, USA.



World of Seeds now boasts an extensive and diverse library of genetics. They truly have something for every grower. Their archive consists of numerous categories based on cultivar characteristics.

Their Autoflowering Collection features strains that erupt from seed to harvest in no time. They crossed some of their most potent varieties with ruderalis specimens to ensure potency alongside speed.

World of Seeds’ Legends Collection includes strains that have made history within the cannabis world. These varieties have influenced growers over the years, and have shaped the industry we know today.

The Medical Collection features cultivars bred primarily to alleviate pain, nausea, and inflammation. They contain high levels of major cannabinoids, including CBD and CBN, to maximise therapeutic potential.

The Pure Origin Collection is the category that took the most time to develop. These strains descend from rare landrace varieties—a result of WoS’ travels around the world. You won’t find genetics like this anywhere else.

World of Seeds understands that not all growers want feminized seeds. Breeders need males to experiment and create new strains. That’s the reason they created the Regular Collection.

The company also created a CBD Collection for medical users and an Early Harvest Collection for those seeking flowers as quickly as possible.


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