Outdoor cannabis growing months South Africa

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Outdoor cannabis growing months South Africa

South Africa has a diverse range of climates and micro-climates mostly ideal, or even perfect for growing cannabis outdoors when planted at the right time and if you follow good growing techniques. Beyond the seasons we also have to consider sun and moon timetables, to plan and optimise your outdoor grow. One thing that is not negotiable is that plants need a minimum of 12 hours direct sunlight per day. To know when we reach 12 hours sunlight as we go into spring, keep an eye on the September equinox date: Spring equinox

This in only a general guideline and conditions vary from each province in South Africa. As a natural & biological farmer I always observe what nature is doing and adapt. So just be conscious of what other plants and weather patterns are showing you.

This guide is specifically for outdoor growing. With indoor controlled environment growing you are in control and you can germinate and plant any time of the year.

Seed germination

Outdoor cannabis growing guide South Africa month by month


Written for plants grown from regular and feminised seed, with some notes for autoflowers.
Remember this is just a general guideline. Climates differ in the different provinces and strains also have different requirements.

June/July: Plan your next growing season, buy seeds and other materials needed
August: Prepare your soil, do any amendments if neccasary
September: Final preparations, germinate seed indoors, mark you calendar for Spring equinox
October: Transplant indoor seedlings, germinate outdoors if you wish
November: Train, top and prune your plants, last month to germinate some more seeds
December: Train, top and prune your plants, general maintenance. Autos flowering
January: First pistols might start to show. Autos might have large flowers by now.
February: The flowering phase starts for regular and feminised. Autos harvesting time.
March: More pistols and buds develop. Keep them dry and supported.
April: Harvest time!


More information month by month:


June / July

It’s still cold and wet in many of our provinces. Many of us are finishing some of our precious stash from the previous growing season and starting to plan the next outdoor grow, researching strains and buying some seed in preparation.


This is a good time to get all your ducks in a row after your planning and purchasing of everything necessary for you next grow. This is also a good time to prepare your soil, do any amendments and get the good healthy soil biology going.


The time is drawing closer, with days starting to lengthen closer to 12 hours (as discussed being the minimum direct sunlight requirement for healthy vegetative growth).
Around a full moon is an ideal time to germinate seeds. As the sun intensifies and the average weather warms plants responds with rapid growth.
Be careful for outdoor germination in early spring, especially if there is still some frost. Planting too early can also cause disappointment and damaged plants can inhibit the full potential of the plant.
You can go ahead with indoor germination if you wish and nurture the plant to grow to strong seedlings.
For seedlings it’s better to wait for October for the best month to start planting and growing outdoors. But again, this is a general guideline and you will have to make the call.
If you grow autoflower plants, it’s a good time to start since they are not reliant on photoperiod to determine growth, you will just have slightly smaller plants for the early grow.


Seed germinated in spring are now perhaps past their seedling stage and growing strong as they enter their vegetative stage. If you have not germinated yet, ready, steady go!
Spring should now be the ideal time for germinating, potting and even transplanting in certain areas. Daylight hours, sun intensity and temperatures are increasing giving your plants the environmental conditions they need to grow efficiently. Growth will now be strong and especially as we enter November.

Train and prune your plants as they grow to receive maximum sunlight and airflow. There are many excellent training and pruning guides online.

To be continued… 🙂


Spring equinox dates: Spring equinox
Moon phase calendar South Africa: Moon phase calendar South Africa

This article is for informational and research purposes only.

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